CSU to Require COVID-19 Vaccine for Fall 2021

The CSU has shared that COVID-19 vaccinations will be required for students, faculty and staff this fall. Additional information can be found on the university's dedicated COVID-19 page.

Learn About Us!

Who we are

San Diego State Universty Anime and Manga Club is one of the universities recognized student organizations. The Anime and Manga Club prides itself with being a social hub, where you can join A community of people with similar interests who want to make friends and genuinely feel like you're a part of a family.

Our Goals

Our goal here is to help you break away from all the stress of school, work and other obligations and make connections with other people while enjoying the latest Japanese animation and other aspects of Japanese pop culture.

Cute anime girl with platnum blond hair in salor uniform giving the peace sign while winking

What do we do

  • Annoucements on upcoming Events and News
  • Viewing and discussion of the weekly anime recommendations!
  • Weekly Manga/Light Novel/Visual Novel Recommendations
  • Club Activity
  • Socials


  • > Do I need to attend EVERY MEETING?
    • No. There is no pressure to attend every meeting
  • > I've never watched anime can I still join?
    • Yes. We accept everyone weather or not they have watched anime
  • > How much are dues?
    • We DO NOT take dues

Our meeting

  • Every Friday at 3:30 PM in the Pride Suite at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union

Become A Member!

  • Email us at sdsuanime@gmail.com with your Red ID and we will add you to our member list and our weekly newsletter.